Sailing With Hazel

Sailing With Hazel is a collaborative project started by Flick Ferdinando and Margherita Muriti. After experiencing a certain feeling of discomfort, with a need to take action, they started building a boat using hazel branches from their surroundings and sewing together their leaves to make a sail.

Hazel branches are cyclically pruned allowing the stand to continue growing for up to 800 years. The wood bends easily and continues to bend beyond the cut, making it an excellent material for building structures and dwellings.

They have been exploring further the interrelated aspects of it with the relationships we forge with the world as well as with the crises we face today. By putting together their practices, they built a ma- king process that enabled them to face these shared feelings and reawaken a sense of trust and hope.

This project was not conceived as a boat to sail towards a far away destination, but rather a vessel that helps us move through the complexity of the world we live with. It is thought of as an ancient jar used to store and transport food while carrying scenes of different natures on its surface. Similarly, Sailing with Hazel carries stories of people, materials and their relationships.

To watch the film
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